So long, I'm back

OK so it's been a while since I've written anything on this blog of mine. No real reason apart from I've had little to say or should that be I've had little I've wanted to share. 

So much going on in the world, killings, starvings, a multitude of injustices but what is trending on the world's favourite social media Facebook (in the UK)? Ohhh ohhhh untouched pictures of Beyoncé. Apparently she not a god afterall and like the rest of the human race actually has flaws. Pictures "leaked" from a photo shoot back in 2013 shows the pop royal of having imperfect skin on her face. Before these snaps were let loose on the net did people really believe she had that perfect complexion as seen on the front of countless magazines? Why shouldn't she suffer the same as any other person with spots and pimples?  "The Internet Is Freaking Out Over These Unretouched Beyoncé Photos" !!  Really? 

By the way another child has just died from drinking dirty water in Africa!

Who killed Lucy? More like who killed the storyline. Popular (so they tell me) UK soap opera, EastEnders is running a week long "who done it?" with each nightly episode going out live. Not exactly ground breaking television but that hasn't stopped the internet headlines and trending stories about how one actress mentioned one of the character by his real name instead of his characters name. OMG!! that's going to effect the economy. Worst still another actor may have fluffed his lines and given the plot away. Sorry EastEnders you lost the plot years ago.

By the way ISIS are still raging a campaign of terror against the world.

Singer/Rapper Robert Van Winkle better known as Vanilla Ice who had a hit song many moons ago and more recently has sold his soul to reality TV has been charged with burglary. Ohhhh shock horror. The naughty boy went and (allegedly) nicked "numerous furniture items, a pool heater, bicycles and other items". Does this really have to make news headlines? Yes he shouldn't have done it (if he did) but people get caught pinching things everyday and they are  not front page news. Now that reality.

By the way Dan Uzan, the Jewish volunteer security guard was shot dead in the Copenhagen attacks at the weekend.  

It's a sad reflection on the modern world when, what was the dead donkey, is now first past the post as far as trending news is concerned.

I'm off to see who next is going to throw caution to the wind, cause outrage, by following their PR's advice that there is no such things bad publicity when you have a book/album/TV show/film to sell.