So where do we begin?

Logically I should start at the beginning, introduce myself, give you some indication of what this blog is about. But I’m not going to. Well not in the traditional sense anyway. It’s part fiction, part fact, part complete nonsense. Facts based on my own experiences in life. Fiction based on my dreams and warped imagination. Nonsense where to two worlds collide. Where fact, fiction and nonsense separate is for you to decide or not. It’s your choice, believe/disbelieve what you like, it’s of no consequence.

There may be posts of my opinions which I don’t feel I want to share on social networks for fear of starting a flame war or upsetting the people they are directed at. Or maybe I just want to voice my own ego in the comfort of my own space.

I can’t promise there will be any particular order to my musings. I find it hard to focus on one topic for too long and don’t like being compartmentalised, so there are no chapters as such because that will take forward planning . This is not a book, or a story of my life, more a collection of random posts linked by one thing, me.

I’m not looking for, want or need your approval. Believe what you like, disagree if you like, I don’t really care. This is my forum, for my voice or perhaps the voices in my head.

If you are looking for answers may I suggest you try Google search as I don’t have any or at least any I want to impart on you. I’m not here to start a revolution or lead you to enlightenment. It’s not a work of literary genius, nor is it intended as a life guide for you to follow. It’s just a stupid man with his stupid laptop, making stupid observations and at the very least unscrambling my preoccupations with my own self doubts and insecurities.

Feel free to leave any time you wish or visit when the mood takes you, I’m happy to waste your time while you are here.

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