Me Myself and I

I live alone. I live alone by choice. Living alone has advantages like the freedom to act how you want and live the way you want. If I want to lie on the couch for days on end watching marathons of whatever show takes my fancy, I can and no one is here to pass judgement on me. I can turn up the volume as loud as I want on whatever type of music I want, without the worry of complaints (although I do have to have some consideration for the neighbours sometimes).

There is something comforting in the fact that after a long, hard day of work, I can chill out and not be bothered by anyone. I have my own space, a place to feel 100 percent relaxed and act as I please. Of course it may seem lonely at times, but as long as I have friends to keep me company when I want their company, I never really feel alone. After all, isn’t it better to actually be alone than to wish you were alone?

It’s my space and I have it all to myself! If I want to leave my clothes on the floor while I parade around doing my daily chores naked I can! (note to self – next time you do this remember to close the curtains first!!) If I want to drink straight from the milk bottle I can, there’s only me here. Same goes for wine, although I wouldn’t recommend it, as a bottle of wine tends to last less than 5 minutes when drunk this way. But hey, who’s going to say anything to me about it?

I’m not affecting anyone else by having my mess spread across my place. If I’m too busy or too tired to clean up on any given day, there’s no guilt in putting it off until I’m ready.

There’s no pressure or anyone breathing down my neck, to clean up the dishes from last night’s meal. In fact I can go 5 days without washing the dishes before I run out of crockery and even then I have become very inventive as to way of serving a meal without a plate.

Living on my own has meant I have learnt so much about myself during the past 15 years on my own. It’s a little difficult to adjust at first, especially if, like I was, you had grown accustomed to living co-dependently, but the skills I have learnt are more than worth it. I have learnt how to handle personal and emotional situations, without anyone else’s opinions infiltrating my thoughts.

I don’t have any worries about anyone overhearing my personal phone conversations because there isn’t anyone else living here! It doesn’t matter if the bedroom door is open or shut, as there is no way my conversation can be overheard! I don’t even have a lock on my bathroom door and tend to leave it open when I do go in there, which is something I have to remember not to do if I have guests. I also don’t have to worry about someone else finishing the last roll of toilet paper. Or for that matter the soap, or the washing up liquid, or basically any other communal product that are normally shared.

Things are always where I leave them. I don’t have to worry about somebody “tidying up” and putting my stuff away. If I throw a screw drive on the sofa, it will remain there until I move it or it joins the rest of the set down the back of the cushions. The only mess I need to concern myself with is the one I created.

Living alone offers complete and total control over my lifestyle and living habits. I don’t have to base my schedule around anyone else and I’m free from worrying about disrupting anybody if I wish to order a takeaway and watch an action film at 3am. With nobody else living here I have learnt to be independent and self-sufficient. If I receive an unusually high electric bill I only have myself to blame and can take comfort in knowing that I must have had a good reason for using some much power.

I love living alone. Perhaps I’ve grown old and forgotten how to share. I don’t really know. I like my own company, enjoying others company at my convenience. One thing I do miss though when living alone, I have nobody to share that ever so special fart with. Maybe that’s why I’ve end up living alone!

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