Pre Programmed Reality

What is the cause of the most heated debates on social networks sites? What turns ordinary mild mannered humans into frenzied, opinionated bigots, who are willing to argue their corner even if it means a textual confrontation with life long friends, neighbours and even their own family.
The Bulldog breed that once sustained the Great British spiff upper lip, and held true to the values of restraint and reserve, has been interbred with a rabid Pitbull.

What has caused this nation, not to take up arms against a common foe, but to verbally fight among it’s own kind?
It appears we still have our freedom of speech so long as it is the subject matter fed to us by the producers. From trashy day time chat shows where brother is seen battling against brother as to which one of them is the father to their sisters cactus plant, to ‘talent’ shows where the better your emotional back story is the more chance you have of gaining your 15 minutes of fame.
We watch these brain dead debauched productions that come neatly wrapped in their pseudo social commentary and a self help suit of respectability, with a morbid fascination. We didn’t slow down the peer at the blood and guts strewn across 2 carriagesways as the result of a head-on collision, we just happened to be passing by and sneaked a peak to ensure we could remain superior and detached from the reality of the situation. But we did see it, we did look, we want more. Cut the brakes, and fuel the passion, let the carnage ensue.
Today we know real talent when we see it, because four industry manufactured, soulless public icons tell us it’s talent. And just to add drama to the whole proceedings one of these icons is cast to play the villain. Just when we thought we had the freedom to make our own minds up, with the help of the other three, this dastardly pantomime bad guy pops up and tells us it’s not talent at all. The dilemma, who do we believe? We’ll be right back after this short break.
We are being manipulated by modern media. Gone are the days when the fiction of a TV soap was nothing more a five minute conversation over the fence with your neighbour, it’s now headline news.
A story about soldier killed in some foreign land must be cut short so the votes can be counted and the results announced. The nation can’t wait to see who we have freely elected to enjoy stardom until at least the next series. Let’s build them up and watch them fall.
The truth is out there …. so long as you believe what you are told. Opinions are your own, so long as you agree to the terms and conditioning. Stand up and be counted, if you want to stand alone. Freedom of the press is the freedom of pressure.
Press the red button to receive more information. Don’t delay, don’t think. The revolution will NOT be televised, it’s already recorded and is streaming to a vacated part of your brain where imagination used to reside.
To paraphrase Timothy Leary “Turn off, tune out and stop out”, unless you want to become part of the bloodstained tarmac of TV.

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